Excretory System

What does this system control?

This system is the system that controls the amount of excess water and liquid toxins removed from the body each day. Also, as its functions are to find the excess water and liquid toxins from the body and remove them, it controls the urinal system, perspiration and the lungs as removing gases is another way to remove toxins.

As you need to keep cool and release toxic wastes at the same time when you exercise, you sweat. Also, as you exercise, you use up more of your energy and oxygen than when you're resting and as sweating also releases waste instantly, you don't have to wait for the break or a toilet. It was found that sweat contains a small amount of sodium which could seen as a toxin in the body if there's too much. 

Urination is mainly done by the urinary system which is included in the excretory system. This is the main purpose and the most used way for releasing toxins.